Kindle me Happy. Or, bookworms join the 21st century

As a long term bookworm, or “avid reader” as I am currently known, I have collected a reasonable number of books which we keep in approximately 26 lineal meters of glass-doored bookshelf. So what does the future hold; or more accurately what will we hold in the future?

The nostalgia of the written and bound book notwithstanding the new (to Australia) Amazon Kindle (pictured) can hold up to 1500 books in its memory with access to a library of over 200,000 books and periodicals. Early adopters get your buy cipro in mexico credit cards. The unit uses the 3G mobile data network to browse and purchase from Amazon’s online store and books are delivered immediately. Now if we could only get the authors to keep up (kidding… pulp fiction is not a good staple diet, you take your time authors and give us quality).

Enter competitors; stage left.

Sony has a reader using the same technology but no direct delivery and Apple as usual are tight-lipped about, well, everything.

Just thought you’d like to know really…