I have a great website – where are the visitors?

The site is up and running. All of the vital information has been uploaded.

Where are my visitors?

Good Web Design and clever user experience setup are critical to guiding visitors through your website and presenting them with a credible and compelling call to action. The next question is; “How do I get them there?”

The answer, as with so many business questions is; “it depends”.

So to that end, being a highly visual thinker I have mind-mapped the situation from a generic point of view. Have a look, download the pdf version and use it as a starting point.

Web Site Marketing Mindmap

Cross out the areas that are not doable – for example; TV advertising can be a little out of many small businesses reach so go ahead and cross that right off the list. If you don’t know whether a particular method is right for you then ask an expert. Far better to pay for an hour’s consulting than spend days trying to do the research yourself.

Once you have your own list together then it’s time to look at ROI. Well the returns side anyway. Before you go off getting prices have a good think about the potential return of each method in terms of tangible as well as intangible benefits.

I say potential return for a reason. Namely, you will never really know what the ROI will be until you do it. This is where your innate understanding of your business and its goals will be crucial. Now you will probably need to enlist the services of someone who spends a significant amount of time keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques and what is working for whom.

Get them to outline a plan and ask as many questions as you need to understand at a non-technical level just how this all works and, of course how much it might cost. Forget the old thinking that the internet space is free or low-cost advertising – concentrate on your returns and manage the process as you would a traditional media campaign (which may even be part of your plan as well).

In closing, it is important to note that the measurability of campaigns means that you can (instantly in some cases) see whether your campaign is performing adequately or not. On the web, almost everything can be measured. Get reports or ask your provider to include on-going analysis as part of the service. Find out what works and do that – lots.