The long answer to Is Facebook Twitter and other social marketing strategies good business sense

Social Media marketing using Facebook, Twitter, advertising and Landing Pages

The long answer is as unique as your business, however some of the more
general points are:

  • You get a mechanism to communicate with your customers and
    prospects as often as you want
  • Your customers and prospects get to respond and comment too
  • Whether they are happy or not, it’s all good because
    it gives you the opportunity to address issues that you would never have
    known existed
  • The only time you should censor a comment is if it is
    malicious, inappropriate or derogatory
  • Referral business is often the most profitable in terms of
    customer acquisition. Social media makes it easy for customers to share
    their experiences
  • The whole social media landscape is about interacting with the community
    and building loyalty through honest and straight-forward dialogue.

Posts must be engaging such as:

  • Hey! Here’s how one of our customers benefited by using product X
    in a new way
  • There’s an important update for product Y on our website
  • Last Friday our company lunchtime pool comp was held – here are
    some photos
  • Sign up for this Event on that Day

You get the drift…

You Spoke – We Listened

These days it’s not enough to have a professional end engaging website.
Businesses need to consider their online presence as a sales, marketing
and support function that should be contributing to the overall success
of the business.

If you are not engaging with your customers and prospects online then
you may be missing out. I have realised that in order to help fire up
this latent business development engine you need a plan. That’s
where we can help.

Our Social Media Services value proposition

We do the research to determine what the current best practices are and to identify the danger spots. Our consultants are constantly updating the corporate knowledge base to help you decide what you want out of this (usually business related) and how far you are willing to go to get it (from a resources perspective).

We work with you to define the most appropriate course of action and the areas we look at are:

  • The potential for your business to benefit
  • Which marketing and communication methods are appropriate for your goals and budget
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Adwords campaigns
    • Email Marketing
    • Blogging
    • Print advertising
    • Mini-sites (also known as landing pages, lead capture pages or more colloquially – squeeze pages
    • On-page chat facilities (new)
  • How much is the business willing (or able) to take on
  • How will the statistics be reported and how often

How much does a Social Media Campaign cost?

Before I delve into facts and figures I need you to think about what you currently spend on printing, newspaper ads, radio/TV ads, yellow pages, magazines and any other advertising media that you currently utilise. Now, while I am not advocating the abandonment of these forms of advertising media I will ask you to look at the amount of business that you can attribute to these more traditional campaigns.

Many people actually don’t really know what works and why, whereas on the internet almost everything can be measured.

Statistics drive better marketing decisions

That’s why we won’t suggest anything that can’t be measured – the incredible diversity of businesses and organisations means that there is no “Package Deal”. We suggest, implement, test and measure every campaign we are involved in.

The great news is that we can begin this process with a suite of services whose results we can measure and review.

We can get you onto Facebook and Twitter (and optionally any other appropriate social media network), show you how to keep it up to date or manage the updates for you. This service generally starts at about $550. From there we are able to look at other strategies designed to elicit a specific response such as complete a form, call a phone number or sign up for something. This is where the resources requirement (and cost) can vary immensely.

What if I don’t have the budget for an ongoing campaign of new business acquisition?

You can still have your business represented on social media networks and simply see how it goes. I know a guy who set up a basic Facebook page and now has over 15,000 followers in less than one year!

As a minimum you should at least have a presence

It won’t break the bank and you never know, you might end up with a huge following too. I just read a great article on the Smartcompany Blog about a small independent video store (yes – one store) and how they boosted business via Facebook and zombies (read it now).

Are you interested?

This link will take you to our own landing page for our Social Media Services where you can register your interest in an obligation free chat about getting social and building business. Or call us on 1300 884 553