Content Management Systems

Having your web site based on a content management system offers a range of benefits that makes it easier for you to make your website a success. A content management system allows:

  • Fast updating of the content on your web site
  • More control
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Maintain integrity across your website
  • Advanced features

Faster Updating of the Content on Your Web Site

Content management systems use a database to store the text that appears on your site. This makes updating your site fast and straightforward, enabling a copywriter (rather than a web designer) to maintain your site. Naturally, it is all password protected to keep your site secure.

More In Control

With the ability to instantly edit your site, we put you firmly in control. News and events can be published on a timely basis and any embarrassing typos can be fixed immediately from any computer connected to the internet. For larger organisations, specific roles can be allocated to staff – allowing a structured editorial review process from content authors spread through out your organisation. For small cipro apply online businesses that formal structure can be switched off allowing you to “just do it”.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

By replacing technical staff with editorial staff and streamlining the web publishing process, updating the content on your website has never been faster or easier, ensuring that your costs have never been lower.

Maintain Integrity Across Your Website

Having a consistent look and feel across your website is critical to the business. It’s important from a branding perspective, but also for usability. With a content management system you’re protected because the design of the website cannot be broken or altered accidentally. Pre-installed style sheets are used to control the formatting of text, further protecting the look and feel of the site.

Advanced Features

At a very minimal implementation cost, content management systems allow you to easily take advantage of advanced features such as

  • Content scheduling
  • Members areas with premium content
  • News & events
  • RSS feeds
  • Banner ads (make money from your site!)
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Member mail-outs
  • Forums (moderated or unmoderated)
  • Public content submission (moderated or unmoderated)
  • eCommerce extensions
  • and many other features