Evernote Hacked – emails and user ids stolen

I have long been a supporter of the virtues of Evernote and have been using it for years. It’s my default place for just collecting stuff.

Last Saturday Evernote got hacked (it was really more of a case of when it would happen than if it would happen). I was alerted with an email and anyone that knows me knows that I treat ALL emails containing details of impending global disaster if I don’t click on a link.

I took my own advice and didn’t click the link, I went directly to the Evernote website by typing in http://evernote.com and saw that they had indeed been hacked and that I needed to change my email address, which I did forthwith. My email client software has this great feature where if you hover over a link it reveals the target web address and when I did so with this email it looked extremely suspicious. Which is to say that the address it linked to was not evernote.com it did have the word “Evernote” in the address but it was in the wrong place.
The downside is that these hackers have now got my email address so I’m a bit annoyed about that. It’s also a bit embarrassing as I have been extolling Evernote’s virtues to all and sundry so now I need to make sure that my clients, associates and friends are all aware of the situation.
So, as I have maintained all along; never, never, never click links that ask for information that should be kept secure, whether it’s a bank, email provider, Facebook, Google or any other place where privacy is at stake. Always navigate manually to the site so you know it’s the real one and not a trap.
I still trust Evernote to do their best to protect my information and I suspect that the next few weeks are going to be a bit rough for them but this is the world we live in now and we need to be as protective of our on-line information as we are of our physical assets.